computer aided design of
Radar Cross Section 
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History of cadRCS

The creator, developer and owner of cadRCS Gert Albert Lindqvist ( GAL ) has been studying Theoretical Physics at the DTU ( Danmarks Tekniske Universitet = Technical University of Denmark ) and worked as a scientific employee at the Danish Defence Research Establishment ( DDRE ) from 1982 to 1999. In the period from 1984 to 1999 GAL developed codes for an experimental radar at DDRE and was involved in several radar measurements. Many measurements were carried out together with other NATO radar measurement teams ( GAL was in the danish measurement team ) Here we exchanged movement data, measurement results and methods. This was very helpful for understanding Radars and RCS measurement results.

The experience with radar measurements gave GAL the opportunity for developing a theory for calculating RCS. This theory is validated by the different measurements GAL has been participating in. GAL stopped working for DDRE in 1999 and the theory was then implemented in the code cadRCS.