With cadRCS you can minimize the RCS of your object and increase its survivability.

Brings reality into 3D computer simulations with radar sensing.
Especially when it concerns RCS of ships – you can’t calculate without water surface.

cadRCS is compatible with almost any CAD-software.

cadRCS can read STL-files, see


cadRCS prices from 1.9.2021:
One ever lasting license euro 11.000, –
License valid in one year euro 2.500, –
Full source codes for cadRCS euro 50.000 , –

New user manual – jetzt available euro 100,-


More than 20 years experience

cadRCS takes complicated theories and calculations
and puts them into a format that is easy to understand.

The new version for Windows 10 makes the calculations faster,
enables imaging at a resolution of 1024×1024 pixels
and up to 5 million facets.

Demonstration videos

Calculating radar cross section with cadRCS.

In this demonstration video Gert explains how to read the information from the cadRCS software.



The developer of cadRCS studied theoretical physics at DTU (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet = Technical University of Denmark) and has many years worth of experience working in both military and private sectors.

Photo: MSPC Gert Hertz Jensen SOK