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Buy or test cadRCS: activate the USB Key
The process to activate the USB hardware key is simple.

When you want to buy or test cadRCS, then you first of all need an USB dongle from Please visit the website to order the USB key and please tell them that you need the dongle for cadRCS.

Please download the necessary activation software here: 

Install CodeMeter on your computer. After installation is complete, plug in the USB key. Run CodeMeter Control Center.

Step 1. The window, as seen in the attached picture, will show up, click on “License Update”

Step 2. This window will show up. Click “Next”

Step 3. Select “Create license request” and click “Next”

Step 4. Choose “Extend existing license” and click “Next”

Step 5. Choose the producer (Css Gert Lindqvist) and click “Next”

Step 6. Select a file name (any name will work) and click “Commit”

Step 7. You have generated a License request file with extension: WibuCmRaC

Please note – this file must be newly generated – an earlier used one will not work. The resulting file you get back can not be put on your USB stick. In case you already have the Wibu key from another supplier, then this also can be used. Then the two licenses are locked on the same stick and can not be used separately

You now have to send this file to Css or your sales representative.

When we have accepted your license request we will generate a license file for you to put on your stick. a file with extension : WibuCmRaU
Now you need to put this license file on your Wibu stick. Please note – you must now have the same Wibu key, that you have made the request with attached to your computer. The file can not be used together with any other Wibu stick.

Putting the license file on your Wibu stick:

Run CodeMeter Control Center
  1. Click “License update”

       2. Click “Next”

     3. Choose “Import license update” and click “Next”

     4. Locate the file we sent you and click “Commit”

     5. Click “OK”

     6. Click “Finish” and close Codemeter Control Center and now you             can run cadRCS.