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Radar Cross Section 
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cadRCS in comparison

Main features of a RCS calculation code

It is possible to find other codes, that people claim are able to calculate RCS. Many of them can only calculate up to two times reflections. Three times reflections – however ( like corner reflections ) – are the most important thing to avoid if you want to create a stealth RCS object. With cadRCS it is possible to calculate up to 10 reflections. Go to our download page and check if the code in question can calculate the corner reflector and the parabola correctly.

Polar plot of the RCS of a corner reflector calculated by cadRCS.

A RCS calculating code must be able to calculate this, otherwise no results from that code can be trustworthy.

The corner reflector is widely used in connection with radars, sometimes as calibrating tool. At sea, they are used on buoys so ship radars can detect them. Also small ships use corner reflectors in order to get high enough RCS so other ships’ radars can detect them.

This figure shows a polar plot of the RCS of a parabola calculated by cadRCS. Not all codes claiming they do RCS calculations are able to calculate this peak in RCS looking directly into the parabola. Anyway – every RCS measurement team knows that this peak is true.