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Radar Cross Section 
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Frequently asked questions

Question: Why do you recommend improving the RCS of our war ships and coast guard fleet?

Answer: It will improve the survivability and function of the ships, for the following reasons:

  1. It will be difficult to distinguish your ships from other ships on sea with radar.
  2. A radar homing missile goes for the highest RCS.
  3. It will improve the war ship’s possibility to successfully use a decoy.
  4. The coast guard can get closer to the ships they want to inspect without being detected.

Question: Can our architects use the cadRCS software; they do not know much about RCS?

Answer: Yes, cadRCS is extremely user-friendly and the results are very easy to understand.

Question: Is the cadRCS software compatible with our CAD software?

Answer: cadRCS can read STL-files; they can be exported by most CAD-codes. Please see: